Sunday, June 13, 2010


YAAAARRRRR!!! Today, June 13th 2010, marks the day of my 23rd birthday!!! Thanks to this buck ass weekend, Ima spend all day cold chillin' trying to recover... The Gully crew showed up at the RedBull event in the city the last two days and to say the least, we made an impression and didn't even touch our bikes or cameras... One thing we did touch was all of the belowche.
If you had a yellow wristband on, all you could drink was up for grabbs, or for shabbs. I can speak for everyone saying I drank way too much, but it was goo-ticious. As with free drinks, RedBull was paying girls to walk around the 21+ area and chop it up with the folk that was present. I had never seen that before so shit kinda surprised me. Either way, seen this hoe on the google search for the Jack and Coke pic.
I wonder what she was gettin' paid by RedBull for daaat?! HA!

As far as Gully news goes, I believe T Malouf is heading to T-town tomorrow for a few days with JeffK and Neyer to kick it and get some 12:35 guti... Tony is also about to shab me up an edit that we been filming for Osiris Shoes. A Kris Kyle GFE filmed in Scotland is dropping soon as well, maybe even later todayze! But chu alreadyz... I hope to head to the Quad City area this week to film some shit with the goons up there and hit up EXTRAVAJAMZA! That shit gets better every year so make sure to come out for that!!! Be on the lookout for Gully Factory stickers after this weekend as well... Thats all I really got so I'm out like the filla. Birthdayblarch time.

100 --- JDubz

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