Friday, June 11, 2010


Still chillin in PH with that Looche, bout to head down to the city and meet up wit T Neyer and the rest of the Red Bull goonies. But first we bout to twees-a-bluhhh! Anyway, figured I would log on real quick and give yall some gully matrimony to peeps out. Belowche is an edit from the last of our Woodward footy with a breakfast montage threw in there, hence the name "Breakfast at the Playground"... Digs it like a trench.

In other gully news for the day, me and looche just spotted a TGF/MidwestBMX eddy that Jeff Kluggie threw together... I believe it was filmed last weekend during a shitty day when that Verge contest was supposed to be going on. I know he also filmed a bunch on the course so im sure an edit from that will be dropping soon. But peeps this first.

In other happenings, the JW Osiris eddy is coming to a close here soon. We went out yesterday and clopped mad and got some JE/Kese clow as well. JE did this railhop that was straight Goo-ticious, but well leave that alone for 12:35! I just seen this eddy today as well featuring our Tulsa homie, Russ Wadlin. Russ is a cool dude and he threw some gully maneuvers down for this murph so digs it.

Thats all I got for now, off to Shell to grab a Gwabberstick...
100 --- JDeuughhbb

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