Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toothpic HANGOVER!

Everyone is feeling it from this weekend hanging around the Red Bull contest. Man we had it so rough over there. Free PBR's, free Whiskey Cola, free Vodka Red Bulls and free Qdoba. Man it was brutal.... You see little Kyle was choppin it up with some Bops. That kids got so much swag. Anyways
I couldnt remember if I ever posted this, but it never made it on to too many of the other sites out there because it wasn't embedable. But if you got the time to click the play button you got time to click this link. Its my welcome to the Pro Team Edit for ODI.
Check it out.
Riding with Tony Neyer and Jeff K. tomorrow for a G-Fact edit. So get Jolly. Also a new Wescott edit droppin. He's been shittin on spots lately.
Stay tuned ya fiends
-T money Cash Money


  1. odd to post this shit on here, does anyone have matts phone number/email. he had a bunch of parts and my funday got jacked in chicago last night so maybe hes got the hook up shit sucks.

  2. hit markese up on facebook... he stays on it