Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So not only do I update TGF, but I also be checkin just to see all the other gutchy... Well today theres a pretty gull post linkin us up with This got me psyched cuz like Tony said, I looked up to Jeff and Dom ever since I started getting in to riding. Still do. I've said it before, and alot of these new school kids don't know, but Dom-Bomb got more steez than any of these goons out now a dayze.

Anyway, the more exposure we get, the more hate we get. While I read that midwest post, I thought I might as well check the comments that were there, and what do I find? None other than my favorite, anonymous hate...This of course had me chucklin, but then had me wonderin... This anonymous comment reminded me of this and looked pretty similar to the comment below...Now if you are puttin the pieces together like I am, you would assume that these comments came from the same person. I mean shit, it aint like theres mad people out there with enough free time to comment on everything TGF related with basically the exact same shit.Someone called him out on being "the anonymous hater". Shortly after I recieved a myspace message from him that looked something like this.You know I aint believe a word... So when I read this comment below, the only thing I could say was "Yeah right, phoney..."100 -- JW


  1. How can anyone even hate on the THE GULLY? My favorite shit has been coming out of these dudes for a bit now. I'm also a straight edge asshole as well but come on I know what's good. Keep it coming dudes.

    -The Daily Rotter

  2. Im sorry but you guys try way to hard to be black when your really not. I cant wait when you look back at your life when your older and realize how stupid you guys acted.

  3. AYE! AYE!
    were havin so much fun! and goin harder than fuckin bricks! harder than your pussy ass, thats sittin his asss at home hatin!, i know me and the gully goons are gonna look back and be like damn.....we had so much fuckin fun! Euuuugh! SO FUCK A roll up a paper plane, and get high! and fuckin KEEP IT! u goombas kno what im talkin about!