Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BK was the king of the internet when I was a wee lad growing up riding. The first time I met Jeff K. it was at Racine park in Wisconsin and I was riding a 18" hoffman complete. Jeff wanted to ride my little bike cause he thought he could do tripple flairs on it and ended up basically taco'ing my back wheel. I wasn't mad at all just cause it was Jeff K. and I thought he was the Ultra Gull back then but he still appologized a hundred times and let me stay at his house. I could go on with Midwestbmx stories and trips etc. But instead Im gonna hit you with some O.G. tripple.

The first video is a real oldy of Kachinsky gettin his day going to some Bone.

Day in the Life - BK - Old Midwestbmx Video from jeff klugiewicz on Vimeo.

The second video is one of my favorite midwest videos. I know what you kids think... Jeff K isn't good for anything but barspins, going on roadfools and in the near future possibly a hanes commercial, but he at one point ran the web video game from the comfort of his computer chair (when not playing Call of Duty). Dom Trovato had a big part in the site aswell.... With out them two guys I would have been much less influenced coming up riding. I hope the Gully does the same for some of you. I guess what Im tryin to say is the G fact would just like to pay some homage to midwest and all midwest legends. That being said... here's one of the Gutchiest videos from the hay day. Be sure to get over to and always make it back to the GULLY.

Tony Cardona 4 seasons Edit from jeff klugiewicz on Vimeo.

New P.O.D. aswell

Im bout to get P.O.D'ed myself right neoowwzzz!

be good out there.

And I don't mean good as in staying out of trouble. I mean keep your shit steady. Keep your riches higher then your head and your ego below your neck. Youll be reall good that way.

Soon enough...

-T Malooch

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