Thursday, February 11, 2010

DIG/BSD Exclusive

DIG Exclusive-BSD Midwest Winter Tour from BSD on Vimeo.

Here's the most recent BSD trip video. The trip was fuckin reckless with the scotlands in town. We got in a fight one night downtown chicago at the Embassy Suites cause someone wanted to try and punk down little Kriss. Well as any bmx rider would know... You mess with one bmx spic... you get the whole taco truck. The truck being Drew York and I in this case. We reeked havoc on this dude for getting in Kriss' face. And left him with a nice mark on his. Good fucking times. Miss those dudes already.

Next BSD trip is to Paris!

Im visiting Jim Morrisons grave no doubt.

In the middle of posting this I got on a skype conversation with that dude Dook Wallace. I took a few quick screen grabs so you guys could see the steady nasty faces.

If you notice me in the one above Im giving a stone cold YaRR to Motor boat.

We stay YaRR'n

-T Money cash Money

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