Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Set the record straight...

First things first, fuck the midwest right now… This weather seriously puts hate in my heart.

But while we on the subject, The Gully got mad haters… It's all whatever to me cuz the shit really doesn't matter, but I feel we here at TGF need to clear some shit up. Both Tony and I have made previous posts about haters and in the posts, we made it apparent that the dudes that will talk truckloads of shit to you over the internet, anonymous or not, is the same people that will come up to you at the park, or wherever, and shake your hand trying to be straight with you…

To me, thats some pussy shit… Some phony shit… A similar occurrence went down in Milwaukee this weekend. The entire GullyF crew was in the building doin' our thing like usual, though me and Tony were mainly filmzin cloooowwse… So I'm mingling in the crowd holding the TRV wit the Baby Marcus Xaviar attached and the steadyshot OFF, and I approach Big Poppa Kranz (who by the way was sporting the freshest of Gully Apparel) to discuss filming the soon to come Big Poppa G.F.E.... Who is standing next to him? No other than our biggest anonymous yet publicly known hater, Greg Dickskin.

So I was talkin to Poppa, no acknowledgment of anyone elses presence, and GD sticks out his knucks and friendly says "Yo, whats up?" Now this for one proves a point in itself but I responded with "Shit, just doin the do…". Now any intelligent human with any sense would see the camera in my hand, hear that response, and therefor understand that I was filming clow. You would think that… But no, Dickskin tries to make some smart ass comment "What's that supposed to mean?" Tryin to act like he aint comprehending anything sounding even remotely gull. I mean shit, it's 2010 and if you don't know any common american slang than something is fucking wrong.

The first thing I could think of in this case was back when dude was trying to talk shit about the gully crew and using proper english. Well professor Dickson, I don't speak shitbag. What is it with dude anyway, he obviously got nothing better to do than Smucker's up on the crew. Dude aint got anything positive to say about any subject, ever, and is always claiming that skateboarding is better than BMX, blah blah blah. If you gonna say that shit, then skate... And I even seen dude sporting a Deathwish shirt on a vid from Baco.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with sporting a Deathwish shirt cuz shit, they the fucking G's of skateboarding… They got a tight crew, smoke hellablerrrch, and produce some gulltra ass videos. But how the hell you gonna be a bike rider and like Deathwish, but hate on The GULLYest of crews. I aint claiming this, but I've had multiple skaters support the gully and some of them even have referred to us as "the closest thing to Deathwish in bike riding". Again, this aint my claim but shit, I digs it like a trench.

To end this like I said before, I really don't care who and who doesn't hate on us… Haters are so necessary, and I appreciate all the hate… Even from you Dickson. I guess I just felt this needed to be said. On that note, Ill leave you all with some ultra gully on the hater subject straight from the man himself, Katt.


  1. Haters are like slinkies... they're really good for nothing ...But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

  2. stay gully, fuck a greg dicksucker whoever he even is

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