Thursday, October 15, 2009

blerch blerch

So Ima start off by saying thanks for all those diggin the G-Fact. Next I wanna thank all the haters that hate the Gully for whatever reason. Had some fun on thecomeup's anonymous comment section treating a bunch off skittlehead ass haters runnin lip... I however love it. None of it means anything but the meaningless conflict alone says some things....
One being that the GULLY FACTORY is officially a name in the game now, droppin quality edits like it aint nothin and people are starting to catch on. So thats gutchy
Two being that the haters are so jealous of the 1235 crew and the moves we make that they try and attack every aspect of our work, like their anonymous opinion matters to someone or anyone for that matter...
Third the type of person that hates anonymously is the same motherfucker that will come up to you at the park, shake your hand, and compliment you. I dont understand why it works like that it just does, and the anonymously posted hate is there to try and get us to stop doing what we do.
Well guess what folks, it isn't happening... The Gully crew does what they want, when they want to. Simple as dat. So if you hate that, keep hatin cuz in the words of the great Katt Williams "if theres any haters out there right now that have nobody to hate on, feel free to hate on me" Sit back and say the gully edits aint fabulous when you know they are... haha
might as well just throw the clop up....

and one more thing i seen while surfin was this photoshopped screengrab. I dont get it but I dig it.

thats all for now... 100
- presqueott

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  1. if your aint got haters then you're doin somethin wrong.
    play on playas, play on.