Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just to clear anything up...

There it is folks.

If your Gully or not is up to you.

If you see at the top right where it says how many people voted it up and how many vited it down. I just so happened to take this screen capture while 1235 people were diggin it. Damn lifes crazy like that huh....

I mean the 1235 crew is Gully as it gets. And I am coincidentally looking into the urban definition of Gully as I live and breath.

Oh my GWA!!!

On a serious matter I know theres some beef going on in thecomeup's comments of the newest Wescott edit. It makes me laugh soo hard how much Illinois kids suck. No offense to all the people that know Im down with them. But I just know how some dudes are. And I'm almost positive it's some Illinois kid with an old grudge talkin shit cause he's mad Jelly... Probably still pissed off about JE snaking him at scrap four years ago. Or mad that Markese stomped his bitch ass out like some sort of Goomba. Or that I skipped him on the blunt one day at the park......

I know.... I know.....

It could also be some random anonymous dude pissed off cause he has a bunch of cake ass dudes tryin to be hard in his area. In that case, Pay attention.

You really think were out carrying gats, gang banging and shit while were out filming. Were big chillin smoking blunts, hollering at hoes, big clowning and riding. Just a few things that I would categorize as GULLY. And if you read the definition of Gully given above. You would realize that it doesn't say anywhere that you gotta be black or reside in the projects to be Gully.

Basically just gotta be gutter. And I'd say eating ravioli out of the can is pretty damn gutter.

And since thats what I'm doin right now on the side of making this GULLY ass post.

I'm mad Gully!

And Zooted.

Thirsty Thursdaysss. Had too. Sorry about it.


Post Script: How Gully is this Gully?

Even Later Post Script: Just realized that J dubs made a post about the hate already. I digs it. The G fact remains.

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