Thursday, January 13, 2011


W'sup W'sup... Yesterday was pretty shitty. We started early for once and headed to some trails. Everyone was getting thru the set and having a blast. Once I started filming Reed was doing some fire lines thru the set and slipped up on a turndown. Some how he blew a massive hole in his knee and needed to get stitched up. Really no big deal... But waiting 7 hours in the El Cajon Emergency Room was one of the wildest experiences ever. We met every type of kook. Everything from 16 year old girls who had been battered to 45 year old men dressed as women. Besides the point Reed is ok. He'll be riding in no time and will have plenty of time to get back in the swing of things before Mega Tour. Have a look at how he's coping with the pain.Then peep how much the BSD TM puts the team on his back. Gave the homie my shorts for the rest of the day. Instantly!
-Teezy F Baby

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