Thursday, January 13, 2011


Just got done sessioning the legendary Home Ave. ditch in San Diego today. Shit went down... Were back at the Tamity crib having a capture party right neows. While the capture crew doin' the do, the rest of us are slabbin' up on the new news from recent web history. The new TWM with LaShaan and Miles. That boy Reed Stark even got gutchy clow in there. Speaking of Reed, he's also featured in the new Team Dilly webby murph. Peeps!
Big ups to Reed, TM, BSD, Lashaan, Blunted Athletics, Subrosa, Tammy, Coalition, Amity, Say-Sumtin, David Grant and all the 12:35 goons! 2011 is bout to POP OFF!!! And if yarready, then charready, beliee dahhr FUCK YARR!
200 -- JW

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