Monday, January 24, 2011


W'Sup Rap Scallions? So were back in Vegas staying with Josh Betley and David Gamble again. Meaning that the cooking as been off the chains lately. I'm sitting on a few pictures of different delicious meals and snacks we've pumped out over the past few days. I'll let the captions explain for me.
Starting off real simple with an easy Potato dish.  A little peppers, onions and mad spices.

Here we have a David Gamble experiment.  Jalapeno Tofu tator-tots

And here's the banger.  THE DINO BURGER!

THE DINO BURGER is made of real dinosaur.  Killed by the hands of David Gamble.  Making this one a David Gamble production.  One thing you might not notice from the photo, is that every burger has a fried egg underneath the cheese.  Making these the best Gwa Damn burgers ever!

Everyone enjoys their DINO BURGER before the beer comes out.
The Chef himself.  Thanks David.  The DINO BURGER will travel onward with us.
J.E. arrives tonight in Vegas. Expect some updates from his arrival real soon.
-Teezy F baby