Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last night was yet another shabberfest at the legendary Ellis Island.  That's our spot no doubt.  Can't wait to bring JE's ass there and get superULTRA!  Anyway, DBG parted ways with us last night.  He's currently on the way back to San Diego with Tammy and the Amity Bikes rental van,  that's a whole different yet hilarious story in itself.  We really hate to see the boy DBG go, but it's been real fun and we got some straight FIRE cloppers.  12:35 bout to BANG!

In other news, our boy from here in Vegas Matt Closson teamed up with Tammy to put this gwarchy ass edit together for Diamondback.  That boy Closson go ham in the paint.  Beliee yarr!Nice job on the eddy homies! Keep 'em coming.  Until next time...
200 -- JW

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