Friday, December 10, 2010


So were in Las Vegas stayin with dem boys Josh Betley and David Gamble. Sean Burns and his homie Kert from Estonia just arrived this after noon and their gonna be staying with Josh with week as well. I don't know if Markese already knew that or not when he made the previous post, but if not.... It is highly relevant. Last night we went out on the town and shredded some Vegas festivities. Observe.You can see them two Felt boys here having a good timeThen we met a local Vegas homie. My dude took 4 bullets in his life time.We filled his cup up with all types of drankDude was stoked on the 4 loko and PBR mix.Then balloon man came up and tried to hussle us. Instead we hustled him into giving our new homie a free hatThis guy was mad appreciativeThen proceeded to go on about his bullet woundsEventually talked homie into a few more free balloons. Thats our girl Anna. Who snapped the photos all night. Thanks AnnaSoon after Betley and Wescott started to get into it. Wescott responded with this cone tossI had to get involvedThen I taught Betley a lesson in drunk fightingWescott with a street cone lid onThen we met this dude. Who I called the wizard. The wizard was rolling with a small bottle of clear he was willing to dispense to the gangThen we bought a $1 bag off this guyWho then tried to sell me these boots. Then we took the $1 weed and smoked it outta 4 loko canLater on the wizard started to get a little creepy and I started lighting his hair on fire. It went up pretty good one time. He had no clue. Guy was loaded. As were we. Anyways, more to come from Vegas. Two new features are coming with in the next few weeks.
-Teezy F baby

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  1. Peeps the fuzz cruizin by conehead Malouf like halfway thru... I seent it!