Friday, December 10, 2010


MMMmm had to get that out of the way. Ai, first we got his Metal Bikes Dead Bang section. I eagerly anticipated the release of this vid cuz i wanted to prove to all my friends that the hype i had over Burns was warrented. At the time, all you could see of Bunrs was some photos and i had Faded Glory which had a short but gnarly section, Dead Bang came with the goods!! Second, we got this section, which i belive was some unused Anthem II clips or somethin, either way, bricks, fuckin munsters, n green tinit for the soft ass haters, but no one hates, cuz he jump on the moon...
Here I present Burns's BoneDeth section, this whole dvd is sick and i really dig the theatrics, if thats what youd call them. ahah must not be easy tellin bitches to move in slow motion to create that hyper active zombie type shit!

The following vid, an Osiris web vid, goes pretty ham as well, i dug the secondary use of the same roff spot in the banger, you can tell the is B game for burns, but its gnarlier than anything you,I or mickey roony will ever do..

I couldnt find Burns's Off the Map 2 section, but this Albie Bennett part will suffice, cuz its milly bucks, vin baker approved, peeps...

Lastly, i present Burns's epic/mega rad xgames run, i remember when this happend, girls, bike shop customer moms n all forms of non riding fold were like ' Did you see that nut jumpin of the roof then outta of the park?!' astonished but yet not impressed and surely not aware of how true to BMX n jus bein gnarly Sean Burns truly is. I set some people streight at the workplace and beyond, of course..

Thats all for now go fuck yourself!!-kese

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