Friday, November 26, 2010


Had a dope Thanksgiving Yesterday with some homies in Tulsa. Tonight theres a big Homie Thanksgiving at James' house. Tonight should get pretty fuckin wild. Here are some pictures from last night. Check back for ones from tonight.
The Bird all seasoned up
Garlic Bread. YarReadyAll the gear you need to make a gwoppy Thanksgiving mealThis too.......The Turkey getting mad juicySucculent. The finished meal. Turkey 'n Graves, Mac 'n Cheese, Mashed tators, corn and garlic bread. Mmmm......Soooooo Gooood.....Milk Shakes and blunts for desert.Big thanks to Jared for having us at his place. Tonights gonna be BUCK! See ya'll
-Teezy F Baby

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