Sunday, November 28, 2010


post for the goo heads.."Russ Wadlin seeks out and rides the abnormal; really, nothing is off limits to this Tulsa shredder. While driving down a main road in East Nashville, Russ practically foamed at all the spots he was seeing. Having been down that congested road many times before I was certain of unknown spots to pop up, but when Russ spotted this threader hop right off the road I was dumbfounded. He eyed it up for a good bit (understandably) and finally gave it a go. Crap, of course two of my flashes didn't fire. Bummed on the equipment malfunction, I had to do the walk of shame and ask Russ if he'd do it again. Right as I finished the words it started raining. Crap! I must have yelled 'Do it, hurry!' Russ obliged and got the hop perfect, while the rest of the dudes with us were already preparing to grab my gear and throw it in the back of my car. All in all, I'd say it worked it wonderfully." -Andrew White (espn photo of the day)
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