Saturday, October 16, 2010


Headed to the Slayer/Bring Me The Horizon show tonight! should be pretty rowdy, obviously slayer needs no introduction, but BMTH is a band you should familiarize yourself with. Yea theyre newer metal and even a bit trendy for metal folk, but u cant beat the 808's, base drops and the super highs and lows of the vocalist. Most songs revolve around drinkin heavily and the apocalypse. get with it
Big ups to M bakes and mike d for scorin my ticket while i was at work!! pregamin with some PBR's at the job right neeeeeowwww

EDIT: i apologize for all the emo ass pictures on the 'Football Season is Over' video, but hey, theyre musicians from the U.K. soooo, deal with it. get ur white T bleached n kill yoself

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