Friday, October 15, 2010


Jdub heeeere, checkin in from the homeboy DK's crib in DeKalb, Illy... Got into town late as fuck last night/this morning and crashed out for the night. Sick guy, that guy DK... It's homecoming at NIU this weekend, and if you don't already know, it's the BEST time to be here, ever. Rowdy McBlugsworth. Anyway, spent last couple days in the 1-8 after a few days at Malouf's... Got to ride street in Chicago for the first time in I don't remember, you knowz I was grabbin' skitches all day... Brakeless...

In other news, big plans in motion for The Gully Factory as of recent. Me and Tony finally figured out some site design/html bullstuff, which means the new site layout is damn near complete. A couple more things and we the change will be done, well for now at least. The site will be constantly getting changed/updated with new features and whatnot... You will see soon. Also, our winter line samples should be done as of today, which means out winter catalog will be in the works as soon as we get our hands on it... Lastly, TGF sunglasses are in the works as well... They should be available within the next couple weeks. Like I said, big plans.

I really ain't got shit else other than to mention how fun PhotoBooth can be... Doing mad work in front of a computer can turn you into a zombie real quick... However, a little 45 second PhotoBooth session can rejuvenate everyones spirit present. Here are some examples.BIG, JW, Loof, Sick Geisel, TGF. Hyfey at 5 A.M.

I'm out, it's Friday and things are bout to get rowdy.

200 -- JW

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