Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pilsen 1-8

Been chillin in Pilsen the last couple of days... The weather has been super nice and the vibes are good... Had a fun ass sesh today with Brian Kaching and Kevin Porter. Kaching is seriously the illest dude and the new owner of a fresh Gully Factory shabber splat shirt... See belowche, with a BK dubs 270 at 31st.BK also came through today and hooked it up with a tube after I got a flat... This was super key, because skitching on the way back here was so necessary...That shit is the best... Especially in Chicago. But in other Gully news, I just got done fully shabbing up the Felt overseas edit with me and JB... Here's a JB nasty face from the eddy.Young Betlah is on a trip right now to San Fransisco and prolly don't have the internet, but expect that to be up as soon as he gets on the net next. Anyway, thats all for now... Timmy T. comin thru tomorrow and 12:35 clouse is getting filmed. Believe daaaaaaht!
100 -- JW

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