Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...aaahhhmmmm tha spyderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

haha anyways. grant c is the type of guy that u think hates your guts. but u get to know him n hes pretty straight, fun to ride with, and a tech wiz. for bein a straight edge/criminal justice nigga/anonymous come up hate master, ive grown fond of this fool n am stoked whenever i get to shred with em. cheers

Hop to wall

MM--where u been at meehhhhh? chris beers too?!
GC--I've been living in Milwaukee and traveling all over the country this summer. As for Chris Beers, he's still living in Mundelein going to art school during the week and hanging out in Milwaukee with his girl and riding on the weekends.

Filmed/edited by Grant

MM--any video projects youve been on? film or ride?
GC--Ive been working on some web stuff for Mutiny of Brandon. I have been filming Hinkens for a madera edit aswell. Both should be dropping pretty soon. As for myself I am filming some web stuff for mutiny and also some for profile. I heard mutiny is tossing the idea of a full length around. I would love to be a part of that so i hope it happens.

Grant @ 4 seasons for mutiny

MM--what sites have u been checkin lately?
GC--The Come Up, Mutiny, Profile, Facebook, and Twitter

MM--how rad is it dealin with matt coplan on the regz?
GC--That dude is the best. I couldn't ask for an easier guy to deal with. Most of the time we talk about random shit and sometimes he will send some picture of a girl with big ass or something. He always keeps things interesting.

Grant lensin Mike hinkens

MM--pink or stink? if both, ass to mouth?
GC--I'm down for both but the A.T.M. is a little bit to much for me if you know what im saying, hahaha


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