Monday, July 26, 2010


The Dew Tour is Finally over. I made it out on Saturday just in time for the night time festivities. Saw mad folk! Lots of old friends, always a good time. I can't rag on Dew Tour too hard seeing as how I did get to see a bunch of folk and successfully got drunk. I also got head butted. Took it like a damn warrior and asked for another one. And proceeded to keep it real. Yesterday morning Garrett Goomba Reynolds missed his flight to LA so he came and kicked in the burbs for night. Had a good MP session then got some Fohty's. Blowin mad tree aswell. But chu already. I only got one photo from the weekend. Im sure Ill end up in some on facebook by the end of the day but fuck it. Here's a good one of me, BIGGIE, Rick Ross and Duce. I say Wassup DUCE!!!

-Teezy dont forget the F Baby

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