Saturday, July 24, 2010

50 Merl-O-KAYZE

J-dubs signin in from Oldenburg, Germany for a quick update for the gully goons... I was very happy to check the page today and see the site counter over 50K! The god damn Gully bout to get arrested for grand YAARRRR-son... If you dont get the joke you aint gully. Betley just came up with that one...

Speaking of Betley, me and JB visited Sport Import in Oldenburg yesteday and built up some fresh JB signature BattleSnake frames with all fresh new parts... They look super ultra mega gwarchy and ride amazingly! When the final frames hit the stores I suggest you snag one up, it makes bike riding steezier and easier! Pics of the new freshies up soon.

In other news, I got an email about a C4 Reunion Jam happening in Milwaukee twoards the end of next month... Peeps the flyer below.I gotta jet but check back soon... Mo gull content and a new site layout when I return to the states... Until then, ShabberSlabber...


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