Monday, July 12, 2010

Grab 10

Here's this weeks grabber featuring myself, Dooky Dubs, and Tony Malooche... Chu already know what it is, str8 goo...

Im leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon so this may be my last G-Fact post before I dip, but then again, chu never know... Big plans a brewin' over this way and as soon as I'm back in the states, it's full time grind... But anyway, Just got my hands on a sick little digi today and I'll be postin' plenty-o-gull while euro-trippin... Until next time, stay shabbed.

Oh and 100 may quite possibly be retired, changed it up to 200!

200 --- Dubs

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  1. better post pics of mushrooms and prostitutes and other epic shit. nudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!