Sunday, July 11, 2010


Still Hustling mad shirts.

Shirts are on mass production at the crib right now. Every shirt is hand made and for sale.

If your a local homie your best bet is to email the closest Gully goon to your area. And any one out of the state or over seas can shoot us an email at any of these Email addresses.

Shirts start @ $15. Send us an Idea and we can make you a custom shirt. Could be $15. Could be $25. Depends on the shirt.

You know Clouse Cellars are every week now so mad Eddies comin. Also the tradition Goony shit on Vimeo that Fuel wont let us run.

Smokin GUUUTCH! Dats Dat


-Teezy F Baby

Post Script: Here's a picture of our homie Lewis from Scotland wearing a Gully Factory shirt and playing Edward 40 hands. Which I told all dem about last time I was over. I guess he slabbed them both down in 20 minutes the beast. You can peeps a couple clips of Lew Dog in the Wee Crab edit. He can hang on a bike as well as he can drink.


  1. Gregory R. DicksonJuly 12, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    sweet pinner faggot hahaahahaaa. your blunts are scrawny as fuck.

  2. just rolled up a half eighth in amsterdam. jelly? yah i knowz --- jw

  3. man i roll bigger blunts then you, specially without those shit swishers. those things are stale 90% of the time.