Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I was in Europe for a month plus some. I went on two major BMX trips with BSD. One for RideUK and the other for Soul Magazine.
As you can see... A homie got to see the Eiffel Tower first hand. Photo courtesy of Mike "WZA King" Taylor.
BSD spent a few days in Paris before exploring all over France. Here's another photo from the Soul Jam my first day in Paris. You can go watch a video from the Jam on the SOUL site RIGHT HERE!

So aside from being on a "major bmx trip. NOT!" You know I was gettin BLUnted!

Also while I was in Paris Grant (BSD owner) and I managed to go check out Jim Morrison's grave. If you don't know who Jim Morrison is your more then likely 13. But learn who that fool is and youll get why I was there peeping his grave.

You can see Jim shining on through me on the BSD Tee. Sick! I left him a nug
Here's another photo from the Paris Jam.

And another one. I won 100 + Euro that day.

The entire trip was amazing. Met tons of cool folk from all over Europe and France. Cant wait till I can put them up in my place here in the States. Or even make it back over there. I luh dat shit.
Then as soon as I got back in the States I had to head north of Illinois up to Milwaukee for Jeff K's contest at the Verge Festival. I was tired to say the least but it was Micah Kranz's birthday so I had to head. The contest got rained out but the night life was absolutely BANGin! Here are some photos from those two nights and Im signing off.

One last thing. Here's a screen grab from some party footage from the first night back kickin it with the GULLY crew.
(Thats J.E. mid Peoples Elbow about to crush the life out of me and M.Bakes)
The footage is better.
More soon as always!

-Teezy F Baby

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  1. SHAUN YELLOW SUNDAYJune 10, 2010 at 9:25 PM

    Hey tony cum to circus tom its all done and its raining meet me up im gonna be their from 12 to 5 u better txt me bitchh bring the whole crew :)