Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sittin here at T-Looche's crib in MP with Markese Grissum sippin High Life at noon... Gully ass way to start the day, but shabbereadyz.... Anyway, me and loof bout to go out and clop today for this Osiris/TGF project we workin on... It's bout to bang. Dook was on the scene to clop some photo's so make sure to check The Photo Shack to see the guttys...

In other G-fact news, Markese has an edit in the works and it's lookin ultra shabbs so far... Here's a screengrabba from his murph.Kese op tooth-hanger.

Bout to bub wit G real quick then head to the city and get some work done... So I figured I might as well put this murphy up tony made of G last winter... Dig it.


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