Friday, May 7, 2010

Stech Diddy

My boy, A. Stech, has been shredding like always and we recent clopped some clouse... I threwz it together to a gully ass CHIP track. Peeps it out and digs it like a trench...

Aaron Stechalin G.F.E. from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

Stech is also copping a camera this monday and is about to start putting out mad edits from the QC area this summer... Be on the lookout since most of the Stech murphys are bout to end up on here. Thats all I got for now... Oh yea, new POD.

100 -- JDeuughhbbs

POSTSCRIPT - As if you didn't know, I'ma be going hoard as water in the freezer this summer with the G-Fact. With that being said I just completed my second video of the day... Aint many doin' it like we do. Lookout for the Tulsa Summer '09 G.F.E. which will be posted tomorrow. One hunnid -- Dubz

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