Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gully Hustle

Thats that shit I be on... But shawlready knowz...

Straight up, I'm so pumped right now, I just got done graduating from NIU. Now I'm getting ready to walk out the door twoards Milwaukee for that street comp tonite... Should be a good time.

But anyway, like I said yesterday, I was goin hard editing yesterday and banged out 2 G.F.E.'s. The A Stech one and the Tulsa Summer '09 G.F.E. I checked the vimeo page today and seen that people are embedding the Tulsa G.F.E. before it even gets posted on here!! Crazy! So without further a due, peeps belowche and digs it like some trails.

Tulsa Summer '09 G.F.E. from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

Just pearled two prerolls, now I'm out the door... See you in Milwaukee!
100 --- JW

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