Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ride The FUCK!

Still on Ride to Glory.

You can check out some updates on the RIDE UK site.

The BSD team has been shittin on fools. Im tellin you fool. Other teams cant even hang fool. Kriss Kyle is on the hunt for girls over 15 stone like its his day job. One of the challenges on the trip is to make out with a girl over 15 stone which is pretty darn large. Especially compare to Kriss' wee ass. But I got a decently large girl to make out with him a night or go under the condition that she thought he was 15 years old and still a virgin. Unfortunately for Kriss, our photographer Steve said she wasn't big enough so Kriss has gotta go bigger before Saturday. Here's a pic of him getting super sized.

Here's a few more photos. You know I get Junt'd. Also me and Jersey getting loaded on Red Stripe

And if you haven't already came across this here is the DUB Jam from the first day on R2G. Dub Homies are dope!

DUBJAM LIVERPOOL 2010 from DUB BMX on Vimeo.

I gotta run Im holding dudes up here making this post.


-Maloof A.K.A. Zoot Lord

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  1. 14 stone Bah that's only 200 pounds you guys are sissy's.