Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long day.

Went to Circus Skatepark for the first time in a minute today... The dudes that own the place, Dave and Chris, decided it was time to completely re-do the entire park... I have to admit, I am impressed. For the space there is available in that building, they put to to good use. They have a 6ft tall mini with bowled side and matching hip on the oppo side. Hard to explain but super fun to ride... Be on the lookout for clouse from there soon.

Also, Markese Grissum showed up to kick it at the park for a quick minute and then we seshed downtown Wheaton... Markese killed it as usual and clopped a banger for 12:35... Oh my gwash it was gwutchy... There really aint much more to sayz about that. But anyway, Im out like the filla.

100 -- JW

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  1. EUUUGGHHH you know I be checking the site from over on da other side. Got a baby Vin in my Ear. Its a swisher but I still say Aowl Aowl!