Sunday, May 23, 2010


dang i havent posted in a minute plus!! what do u say to a double amputee broad?!


ha anyways im about to introduch to youch, this awe inspiring rockumentary. jojo is da truf, he stole my car once a few years ago n it took almost an hour to get him out the ol' rear drive ford.

JOJO documentary from matt blevins on

ohhhh mercy... no exagerations no mercy no remorse. his moms a fox too belee dat.

most importantly the blackhawks FUCKIN SWEPT SAN JOSE in the western conference finals!! u kno we ferna smash in the stanley cup finals, seein as we SWEPT the 1st ranked squad. unproven chicago goaltender antti niemi is playin so gahdamn amazing we cant be stopped. ive been puttin niemi haters on blast since early '09, fuck off fare weathers

-kill em up kese

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  1. that shit is tight that they show him mad respect at the park and he cold probally get away with murder if the cops dont fuck with him gwwarch!!!!!!!