Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Got my sippy cup right on the loooow.....

Finally put the final touches on GRAB 2 of The Clouse Cellar. It turned out gutchy and should be getting thrown up on the Fuel site soon. You know we'll post it with the quicks as soon as it drops... Stay tuned.

Oh and I just happened to browse over this fire today at work... ODI CALI CLOUSE featuring that gully neeah Tony Malooooche killin killa kali. Sayz that shit 3 times fast. Word is that theres finna be another edit droppin' soon from the same Cali trip. Im sure shits banger and cant wait to seez. But while you waitin for the gutch, peeps the preview belowche.

ODI CALI CLIPS from Sixtiesrider on Vimeo.

100 - Dubs

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