Monday, February 15, 2010


ShakeJunt is always coming with good content. They do this thing they call "Kill Yo Self" where they put up videos of people straight up BUSTing! Mainly people beefin it when their trying to pull some sort of dramatic stunt. And always ending in a major fail. Heres two that they have posted up in the past.

That one is too funny. Drunken hoes pullin hoe moves. BUST!

For those of you unaware of Shake Junt. Or if your just a Anti-skateboarding chode. Shake Junt is the most Super Ultra Mega shit in skateboarding.

It's basically majority of the Baker/Deathwish homies and more. I know Ya'll seen the Chicken Bone Nowison video when I posted it weeks back. Them dudes just kick it and have more fun then anyone in the bmx industry from what I can see. Mad Gull.

Get into their shit at SHAKE JUNT . COM

Im bout to go shred the Tulsa Court house cause it's Presidents day and I can't go to community service today. Plus the Court house is closed HOe! So Im a be up there for a good while.

Might get my camera out if enough homies come.

Yarrready knows what it doooch.

-T money cash money

Oh yeah... just incase ya'll are low on Gull right now. Heres some re-up to pick you back up.

G.F.E BIGGIE Montage from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.


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