Sunday, February 14, 2010

Automatic, systematic....

I am a big E-40 fan and when I seenz this music video, I knew it belonged on the front page... Mad gwarchy highlights in this such as :

- E-40 not only hittin you wit the quick intellectual flow and gully ass dance moves, but also plays a landlord that walks around his complex collectin cheddar all day...
- At 2:24, He knocks on Fabolous' door and gives him some gutchy dap on the way out. E-40 is str8 GULLY.
- At 3:11, Dude knocks on his own door and talks some shabberish. He even says "Foshigidale", which is super ultra.

E-40 been makin' moves since before the Tupac days, and he is still makin' gully moves... You gotta respect that.
Thats all I got so in true E-40 style, I says One Hunnid! -- Wescorsese

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