Tuesday, February 23, 2010

gabe chiu

how you got into bmx:
saw jay miron on x-games
why you ride: love it

riding style: flow
natural riding stance: regular
natural grind side: right
i ride: multiple times a week
i ride for: fun
helmet color: clear
ride with pads: no
own ramps: yes
seen rad: no

favorite riding terrain: park
favorite riding locations: anywhere fun
favorite parks: 4seasons and wilson
favorite tricks:turndowns,tables,tobagons
favorite riders: derick gerard,tony cardona,aaron ross,chris doyle
turndowns: it's all i do
barspins: did it once
tailwhips: no
flips: no

lets give this dude some love in the comments, i feel bad i missed his bday a week or so back but i doubt gabe gives a fuck.. lets knock back some PBRs n try buildin his trails, john deer. miss this dude a lot n really wish i had more time to really get to know him or better yet wish he was still around. rest in peace homes



  1. Rest in Peace doggie, when spring time comes around im goin hard at the riding, i know thats what you'd want me to do. Miss you doggie

  2. we were friends as kids, I knew his family well. how did he die?