Tuesday, February 23, 2010

coppin avirex ooooo s-e-x

fuck avirex i jus be on that do or die tip again haha

that last winter scrap skatepark was open was when i really started goin there, i met a badass dude named andrew fox, from boostin nasty to smokin blunts in ohio hes always seemed like a good dude, hardworkin too, like myself, so i got mad respect, when i heard the gully crew may be illin at woodward with this goony i flipped a lid, matt markese at woodward, never woulda believed it, thank god i can air over copin contrary to the fatter n more homosexual opinions out there


copped this out my new(ish) RIDE BMX mag. i luh dat shit. i hope bmx magazines never die, especially such quality as ride, i mean, i live trife, so i aint got a laptop to bring into the wash closet when i poop, in my flat, boyo. i also realized my brother has a scanner so a new form of regurgitation is born..

im also stoked on this gwop, cuz ive heard of nas n damien marly collabin a while ago but ive been sleepin


note: if you click the image and blow it up you can actually read it, or how bout u jus get ur broke ass a subscription like everbody else who actually cares about bmx. i kno i dont im jus hooked on phonics

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