Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So yea, since makin moves is what we do, I gotta new batch of shirts brewin up for the contest at Circus Skatepark on the 16th of January. Most of the Gully crew will be in attendance hustlin them off and ridin. Here is a flier for the jam if you aint already seenz it... While we on the move makin subject, The Gully Factory is about to start making web edits for Fuel.TV...Expect the first G-fact/Fuel.TV Eddy Murphy to be droppin sometime early February. Also if it hasn't been mentioned yet, the G-fact made another appearance in Glen's BigBigBMX Show. No need to embed the whole vid but if you tryzin to watch the show, head over to or click this link.

Thats all the gulltra for the day, SFC... Shabber Fuckin Central

Shawrdigs me? --- Mr.100

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  1. you bringin any gully gear for sale? gwaha