Monday, January 11, 2010


After a few days of dealing with some site sabotage and the entire Gully crew not being able to log in, the account is finally back in our hands... Shabber Fucking Central. Although this may not have been our fault, an apology goes out to the true Gully fans for the recent lack of gutchy...

But we back on the grind, shawrdigz me? So that being said, I found this gem over on The Daily Rotter. The Drew York shit had me rollin.I love seeing dope photos so I decided to start another link off the site called GullyPOD (Pic O'Da Day). Obviously we finna be postin the gulliest of the gull with a little comment or background behind each one. The first POD will feature this photo of Margwarch.Follow the GullyPOD link on the right side of the page to view em from now on.

On a different note, I rode Circus skatepark the other day and noticed that Dave and Chris changed the setup around for the contest thats going down on Saturday. New ramp additions such as a dialed wedge to jersey barrier and a spine/box out of the mini should make for a real good time come the 16th... BE THERE! The flier has already been posted but here it is again. As said before the most of the G-fact crew will be there ridin and hustlin Gully shirts and hoodies off... Hope to see ya'll goombas there!
All4Now, 100 --- Mr.100

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