Tuesday, December 22, 2009


JAKEY G quick on the snap

baco was fuckin sick. so many badass riders that im a huge fan of were there. quick run down of gully events. mad cans of steel reserve i got black out drunk for about 2 hrs ive been told, in that time i threw up all over some girl, which i feel bad about cuz i hear she had some nice new white boots on, CHARGE IT TO THE GAME, GIRL U AT BACO!! woke up in my car n missed ALLL of pro,salty. seen crunch n vic tossed on there faces out of the club so they start kickin the doors in as im doin drunk burnouts out front got buck at a hotel. ametuer or whatever was pretty sick, highlights include PIRATE killin it n some kid lauchin from the step down onto the rail=destruction. matt sparks is a G thats all i gotta say. sunday blunt count was about 6. gnarbuck
it was a great fuckin time
my buddy vic whose been skatin for years says riders are fuckin badass n everybody was cool as fuck, which is not the case with the skate scene around here so big ups to 20"

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