Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back in the Gullyland

So yea its been another week or so since I hit yall with some gully, but heres a quick rundown of gulltra events that have occured over the course of the last week or so in the T-Town...

I have been out for the last few weeks with a broken sternum and if you don't know what that is, you're lucky. Shit hurts to move and breathe sometimes... So due to that and Tony's leg still being fucked the first half of the Tulsa adventure consisted of more par-taking in relaxation than anything... But shawlready knowz I digz that trench. So the Chicago crew (me, T, and his brother G) proceeded to float down south to the 918.

In Tulsa, our homie Jared works at a bar called Tiny Lounge and on Tuesdays he operates the joint until close. More formally knows to the crew as Tiny Tuesdays, It's basically the best night of the week to go out and get fuxd... Unfortuately, Tiny is closing on the first of the year so It was definately good to see one of the last ones. Tuesday was our first night out in Tulsa so you know we got hella buck. Due to Jameson, Gary had to be reminded that he drove us the following morning. Great night.

While we were out on Tuesday we ran into the famous Tulsa tattoo artist, Jaspyr. He is the same artist that gave the entire Tattour crew tats in one day. Dude has skills. Anyway, Tony and Gary ended up getting inked up the following few days. The tattoo that stood out the most however is Tony's most recent addition, a gully factory head tattoo. It's been said before but the gully goes hard as bricks...

Finally by the end of the week the weather started to get a little better and the injuries started to heal a little so we get a few hours of filming in. Instead of doing our daily edit idea we are just going to do an edit from the week. Currently Tony is in the process of making a mini-trailer for the edit that will be uploaded soon.

The reason for the trailer is that at 4 Seasons Skatepark on December 27th, there will be a jam where The Gully Factory will be premiering both the Tulsa edit and the second video in our series of rapper edits, the B.I.G. - G.F.E. The G-Fact will also be filming an edit of the Jam so make it to Milwaukee on the 27th and get down for the cause. ALSO, Gully Factory shirts will be available at the jam as well for 15 bucks a piece. If you want me to hold you one, email gullyfactory@yahoo.com and let me know.

Im out like the filla, yardigs me? one hunnid - J2daW

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