Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New GFE Original

Im fuckin hammered.

I started uploading this video before I left for the bar and just got home. I'm fucked!

It's been raining like a muhg lately and our last resort is the bat cave.

The bat cave is a gully ass parking garage. The only downside to the whole deal is it's underneath the Tulsa court house. This meaning there are mad cops around all the time. But after 6pm or so you can get some good sessioning done. Today we were lucky enough to shred for a good 2 hours I'd say before everyone decided to call it and go get bent. Which was Gutchy!!! Didn't get too much filming done but enough to make you mother fuckers happy. So here dat is!

Bat Cave session from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

Enjoy fuckers...

I got community service early as piss tomorrow and Im probably gonna end up skipping it for the third day in a row but shitt....

I gotta sit around all day and watch the rain fall tomorrow so thats a good excuse..........PffffffTTT!!!! (drunk'n chuckel)

Better figure out this life shit soon....


Aight den. Stay up. Peach!

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