Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jeffy Dubs G-Fact Exclusive...

Haha, gotta make it sound gwarchy...

Anyway, TheGullyFactory been going so hard lately droppin edits like it's our job... I know it's showin since theres mad people hitting me up asking what's up with it... Even had shirt aaaand sticker requests, the gully gets around yardigs me?

So I decided to throw some of the cloouse we filmed this summer to a gutchy track and heres the product... A Gully Factory Edit (or a G.F.E. original to the g's on our level) yardig?

Jeff Wescott - G-fact Edit from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo
100 - jeff presqueott yaowhr

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  1. www.strongarmbmx.blogspot.com

    still the same O.G.,
    but i been low key...