Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TO' UP tuesday x slow up BOOZY!!

gulliest went hard at alumni mayn... big ups to the D-O for gettin us fuxd. dooks girl jenna is bangin btdubs. got sooo gadamn gully ill hit u with the banger... basically if i didnt walk into my neighbors chrysler 300c i woulda walked right in that mans house n not known the damn difference. woke up backwards on my bbed w a garbage bag on stash G... ma man phil back in town so flimzin will renew. no hangerover but ima show u how im gettin by.

lorena orozco is bangin...

pineapple chunks, hold me down baby

C-murder got locked up again...

peeps hank williams the 3rd!! dude is country as fuck n sings bout gettin blunted do mushrooms drinkin guns all kinds of G shit. watch the short 16mm, itll put the man in perspective...

peace n be safe brothers. sisters too but this shits too godamn gully for vaginas i suppose... sry for cussin.. 1


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