Wednesday, August 12, 2009


eeeeughhhhh.....whats good homies.... to my homies in T-town and in the Chi.....sweatin my balls off in the arrid Sonoran Desert....Takin gully ass wild life pictures as well as scopin out what might be my wintering spot once the Celcius drops in the 'go. Finna leave yall with a couple gully ass photo's and that video markese was lookin for a couple days ago....shit was on thecomeup a couple of months ago and Mr. Grandmaison knew exactly what it was when i asked him, bless his little heart.....Cant believe i missed markese throwing up and passin out in the vic, lol shit wouldve been priceless to see! Holla atcha boy, dont matter if you do cuz ya girl will....see some of yall gully dwellers on saturday at the gully cave lighting the thickest most impregnated b's....talkin third trimester rosie o'donnel league of there own fuddruckers grape swishee bellybusters...

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