Monday, August 24, 2009


You know everyone be talkin about Colt Fakes section from Banned 3. Which is respectable. Colts a fuckin wildman. I hope he wins section of the year at Nora Cup. Patrick King has a dialed ass section in that video too. Which made me stoked as fuck to see he is still riding. I remember when that kid was super tiny and rode for mosh. Now he's got a freecoaster. Does dope over grinds and smoking mad Gutchy it looks like. Here's both their sections from Banned 3 Ricky Bates' video. Which you should buy so Ricky can buy axe deodorant spray.

Speaking on MOSH. Here's a dope ass edit of chase D that is also GUTCHY!!!

Three GUTCHY ass videos for ya

-T pimp

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