Wednesday, August 19, 2009

duck tales

bailed the homey tim jones out of jail last night. down to my last cent ha faggot cop talkin shit bout how im broke fuck the police. proceeded to solo ride round schaumburg cuz u kno, niggas never down to ride round here ,fuck niggas.
mike lukes came out poofd up a B then shredded, he even brought me a tube n tools cuz i got a flat. mad clouse available at schaumburg highschool.

so ima post some hockey fights. shits G, streight up boxin n u only get a 5 min penalty.
this ones dope cuz everybodies goin nuts, players brawlin fans goin nuts metallica blarin throughout the stadium, seen it before, during fights they play rowdy ass music, hockeys the shit

ima post the man #24 bob probert, if u ever paid attention to chicago hockey u know this goon, played for the hawks from like 94 to 01 i think. but his days on the redwings were the best, back when goons were on the ice strictly to fight n protect star players, i assure he was coked out too, was the style at the time

this ones buck too, goonin at its finest.

-killa kese

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