Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So the homie Morgan was over at the TGF compound the other day and mentioned that he was thinking about a Fossil Creek day trip. Luckily, neither myself or J.E. had work the next day and it was settled. Honestly, I think we can all agree that it was one of the best day trips ever. Morgan brought his GoPro and the clowning began. What was nuts was that what you are seeing in this video is only a portion of the madness that went down that day. After the GoPro died, us 3 and these two girls on a hike that just happened to cross paths with us decided that it would be a good idea to mob down the creek to a bridge that you could jump off of. What we didn't consider was the 30+ mini waterfalls that we would have to monster truck over to get to the bridge... Let me tell you, the venture was insanity. Pretty safe to say all involved didn't walk away without a few scrapes and bruises. To make things even better, an hour and a half down the creek, we find out that you couldn't jump off the bridge after all. At that point though, it didn't matter. Easily one of the wildest things I had ever done in my life, to put an end to possibly one of the best days I'd ever had. Huge thanks to Morgan and the rest of the humans involved!! Without further a due, enjoy dar piece. 200 -- @TGFjdub

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