Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Once again, it's been ages since anyone has updated dar site... Shit happens. Life happens. Anyway, I'm going to do my best to catch up on all the videos we should have posted over the past few weeks... Most recently, Lil' Stevie was featured in a Dans edit from the Barcalona DUB Jam. He does some crazy rocket hop whoppers at the end that straight boggles my mind. Kid's too good! Nike put out a bonus edit of their recent BCN project as well featuring Wee Shab himself. Peep dabber! In other news... Malouf, Reed, DBG and Young Motta are all in Puerto Rico on BSD terms. From my recent phone calls to Tony, it sounds like they are having an amazing time and still being productive on their bikes. Cant wait to see the goo they come back with! Leezy ZAAAAH Daddy just parted ways with his frame sponsor Colony. I don't know what he has lined up and wouldn't tell you if I did... But I'm sure there is something no doubt, the boy kills everything he touches. Only a matter of time until you see his name on a new team... I cant think of anything else at this time to update yall with. Check back soon! 200 --- @TGFjdub

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