Friday, April 19, 2013


This trip right here is the reason why Stevie is now apart of the Gully Crew. I had hung out with Stevie before and previously signed his certification card as a kick ass human being. By the middle of the trip he had become close ass friends with JE and Wescott as well. Nights later, before Stevie blacked out we all made it official. And he's been loading up our front page ever since. Aside from Stevie being an absolute bowss 24/7, the entire crew involved on this trip was amazing. These guys stayed in the Gully house with us for 9 days while filming for this edit. We had a blast making this thing and you can get a good taste of what it was like to be there by watching the B-roll, Bloopers & Extras posted below the edit. I don't want to speak too soon but it already sounds like there are going to be more of these trips in the future. -Teezy F Baby

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